precursor to power sources threads

Jan 29, 2020
I have nanotechnology improvements for in-situ electricity generation as well as a few new ways. My materials science won't be there until the summer. An O-of-Mag Wattage estimate would be nice. In the meantime, I'll post this spring about pollution of space resources, and whether some Earth R+D is useful to the space version.
An innovation is to use spiderman webs and melt them through a rotating Ice Moon. The volume of the Moon that is most likely to melt into an ocean, is the best to use for solid tidal forces stretching the cord, generating power. Wave and wind are obvious. I wonder what might work for Brown Dwarfs? If one is found, it might have a surface consistancy resembling water or constant ocean spray. Ions and magnetic fields are potentially harvestable in a variety of ways. Speeding up Psyches could be useful. Black holes and anti-matter are with risk and rewards. Star Skimmer was low mass because it could fly through Coronas for a fill up.
I'd view Enceladus slush bottom meteorites and Triton meteorites as essential to effecting whatever else you want to do in space. The enceladus ocean is a reserve clearly, but you can make aquariums throughout space with its resources. Radiation isn't wanted near these bodies. What fraction of comets to eat? JW will give distributions. My present position is solving animal nausea justifies polluting the mentioned bodies to yield space shrimp and jellyfish and a hike through a GMO-ed space forest gives me motivation.
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