Proposed Starship

Apr 9, 2020
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proposed starship

10 years ago I proposed a space transport system system. The goal was clear: colonize Alpha Centauri. The result was a possible round-trip in only 7 1/2 years. In our lifetime. I wrote up my proposal and posted it on my website:

Last year, after a decade of additional thought, I updated my proposal and posted it as a YouTube video:


I would appreciate any constructive, and or destructive criticism, on my ideas. Thank you.
There is insufficient energy released by fusion to provide the power you need.
If you acellerate to .95 c your speed is 285 million meters per second. Square that and divide by half to get kinetic energy per kilogram. This is 4x10^16 joules per kilogram. A klilogram of mass has 9x20^16 joules of energy within. You must have four times that energy to acellerate from Earth, slow down at Alpha Centauri, acellerate back home, stop at Earth. Fission gives but 0.1% of the fuel's mass to energy. Fusion gives but 1.1% conversion. You need 178% conversion of your entire spaceship to energy. You would have to figure out how to obtain energy during your trip.

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