Quantum entanglement: A simple explanation

This is a very demanding subject to conceptualize. I'm surprised that tardigrades were able to be entangled which begs for further research on my part.
Yeah! Perhaps they were entangled with the use of sticky Silly String. ;)

The article's hint that entanglement can be used in communication is misleading. I've yet to learn of any scheme that would allow one location to communicate directly with another faster than light.

The mention of use in cryptography is interesting. I could envision, perhaps, that to authenticate the transmission source, measurements from both ends of their entangled pairs would work to reveal the transmission's source is authentic, as no alternate location could possibly have a match in those measurements. Of course, this authentication notice would be no faster than the speed of light.

[ Here's another explanation, in agreement I think with this article but a little deeper.]
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As I was considering the aspect of some "mad scientists" with a government grant(s) performing some arcane medieval tortures on cute, endearing, inoffensive, helpless water bears, when I came across the book: "SYNC", "How order emerges from Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life" by Steven Strogatz, @2003. (The basic idea is: possibly synchronization is the response to environmental stresses). Could such explain the "entanglement" of Tardigrades in the above post? My local library system had the book; I just started to read it.
Perhaps only a relatively few number of, say, entangled electrons for a pair of tardigrades would constitute a claim that the tardigrades were themselves entangled. Just a guess.

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