quantum entanglement & other dimensions

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On the subject of quantum entanglement or Einstein’s "spooky action at a distance"
DEFINITION: In physics, action at a distance is the interaction of two objects which are separated in space with no known mediator of the interaction. This term was used most often with early theories of gravity and electromagnetism to describe how an object could "know" the mass (in the case of gravity) or charge (in electromagnetism) of another distant object.

Theories involving hidden variables have been proposed in order to explain this result. These hidden variables would account for the spin of each particle, and would be determined when the entangled pair is created. It may appear then that the hidden variables must be in communication no matter how far apart the particles are that the hidden variable describing one particle must be able to change instantly when the other is measured. If the hidden variables stop interacting when they are far apart, the statistics of multiple measurements must obey an inequality (called Bell's inequality), which is, however, violated both by quantum mechanical theory and in experiments.

Even if information cannot be transmitted through entanglement alone, it is believed[who?] that it is possible to transmit information using a set of entangled states used in conjunction with a classical information channel. This process is known as quantum teleportation. Despite its name, quantum teleportation may still not permit information to be transmitted faster than light, because a classical information channel is required to complete the process.

MY THINKING: It would seem that information is traveling several orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light in quantum entanglement. (and this violates the standard model) What I am wondering is if this information cold be traveling through another dimension there by bypassing the fundamental laws of physics that are imposed in our 3-D space/time. (This would not violate the standard model as it may very well only apply to our universe)
Going even further down this line of reasoning - could some effects of quantum physics be explained by particles or forces that exist simultaneously within our 3-D space/time as well as other dimensions? (The weakness of gravity in relationship to the other fundamental forces is believed by many to be explained by gravity extending its influence to dimensions beyond our 3-D space/time thereby weakening its effect locally) I think of this as a "shadow effect" whereas the dual space/time particle manifests itself as a "shadow" in our 3-D space/time or possibly even reversing states within each dimension. (is there a parallel universe where particles are made of anti-matter with an opposite spin and handedness that shares energy and information with this one?)


I don't have much knowledge of quantum theory, but I believe that information passed via paired particles would happen instantly regardless of the distance involved. Speed of information is irrelevant at the quantum level. Since the entire universe originated from a singularity, I tend to think it's likely that paired quantum particles exist across the universe waiting to be exploited. Virtual probes, anyone?
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