Quantum Entanglement

I've been thinking about quantum entanglement and what is means about the nature of the universe, specifically the fact that the two particles separated by vast distances can be affect one another instantaneously, ignoring the speed-limit of the universe. For example if you observe one as spin up the other is instantaneously spin down even if it's in another galaxy. From my current perspective there are only two possibilities:

1) There are additional dimension(s) at play, these dimensions are not affected by the distances of space and/or time.


2) Many-worlds interpretations is real and by measuring the one particle you "decide" which universe you're in (i.e. the universe where particle A has spin-up and particle B has spin down).

What do you think?
Dec 11, 2019
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I think that is precisely how these more advanced races in the Universes can travel far in no time at all. How they do it is not exactly clear but to us it seems like magic like a plane would to the ancients.

Yes I do believe their are atleast 12 dimensions and many other universes besides this one if not an infinite amount. Not to mention an infinite amount of timelines. So in reality anything and everything is possible.

Great post Hawkstein. I am glad to see you thinking outside the box. When we as a collective consciousness on this earth begin to think outside of the box a change will come. The problem is those pesky controllers like to keep us all inside the box because the less we know the more easily we are controlled.
I've always believed that the quantum entanglement idea is right for the wrong reasons.
Lets think of gravity as just an effect and not a force.
Lets now gravitation entangle 2 particles.

No physics laws are now broken to have SPAD.
Same reason we circle the sun at it's real location and not it's location 5 minutes ago, speed L.