Quantum Theory

Oct 20, 2022
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Imagine 2 voids 1 being white space(-8) and the other black space(-8).Take 2 pieces of paper for example and view them with either being placed on top of each other. Keep magnifying until you get to the very fabric of the atoms and then you will start to see the other side of either paper. If you take the xy axis and divide the grid with white and black space 0,0 is the reality that we live in. The center of the universes reality is different from ours but the nature of our livelihood is where we stand on the grid of data that gives light to our existence. Add the z axis next to give a three dimensional view from our center to find the center of the universe at its construct of design. Data would show that everything was already where it was supposed to be entangled with each other when folded on the 2dimmensional plain. Z axis then gives the dimensions to the our 3 dimensional selves and to matter and infinite realities. This gives rise to the identity that we always existed and the constant expansion is just a scale to measure or known perceptions of existence in reality. The obverse of beginning is just how long we did not exist until the singularity turned matter into the plain that we could exist in. The infinite realities gives rise to say that on the x axis we are just one point or rather reality that has been created from the existence of everything quantumly entangled when you bend and fold space time on top of each other.
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