red dwarf vs. neutron star for loot

GJ_3512 nearly hit a neutron star system. Bi and tri systems have an advantage: centre of gravity. A neutron's planets are already unstable and dried out like Moon water. So the neutron star got magnetically deflected and the system is 2/3s Sol's objects not 1/3. Weird formations might be the norm for interesting systems around smaller stars. It has Neon dust as the 2g world had freon a core and since been filled less dense rocky. We are looking to remove sulfur, make biodomes, and charge batteries in Super-Jupiter while I'm there for 125 yrs. The homeworld was a stellar core so it is dense enough to be shielding in vacuum but not hold vacuum.
Further on is organo-toxic Mizar more ice moons to play with than radioactive Procyon outskirts.
Neutron stars stolen loot every 15 LYs in stars around us. Every 40 LYs decent homeworld, 55 LY for decent system and world not counting the star. Near Mizar is when I'll leave for good to maybe try a rocky-ice hybrid. Just converting sulfur into something inert or useful will demonstrate how to terraform. From the air to but oxides aren't wanted. Ozone from the Callisto wanted for the homeworld if possible. This way is quicker than shifting orbits of homeworlds. Only artificial world hybrid may be close if nanorods can be mechanically powered in bulk, warehouse racking for a hollow planet to start.