Rindler Coordinates

Found this a few days ago while going after something else. Not being above average in pure mathematics and physics, much (though maybe not) of it is above my head, but because of my own visualizations I find it interesting, very, very, interesting, and I am keeping at it to find what I may that is apparently already something like description of pieces of some of my own modeling (thus, I can almost follow it). I just don't know . . . but wanted to get it in!

Though In high school and ever after, all my teachers and associates had called me intuitive at math, and I've been identified by more than one testing as a "visual mathematician", I could never see it (I could often come up with correct answers and fail the formula to get there, having to be retested a few times after class to make sure I wasn't cheating on the exams). I could never quite get it, however successful I've been in my career fields, my 50 and more years of an affinity for information technologies, languages, and processes before I tired of it all (mostly the battles I had to fight . . . and ended up winning for the most part) and virtually chucked it all in my retirement from it all. So, I can see "Rindler's Coordinates," absorbing it, but I just can't quite digest it. At least not so far.

Maybe you here can go over it and digest it, if you haven't already sometime in your past.
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