is going to 'Mars' on a HI-SEAS habitat simulation

It's just weird to read. If Musk is really going to bring 100 people to Mars at the same time for the next 5-10 years, today you should not continue psychological modeling of expeditions, but test as closely as possible in real conditions (say in Antarctica or Everest) real samples of Martian (lunar) housing units, power plants, installations for the production of oxygen, water and food production - as well as installations for the utilization and processing of human waste. Quite light, efficient and reliable earthmoving, construction, drilling, transport mechanisms and mini-factories for the production of on-site building materials, etc. must be developed, tested and delivered to Mars (Moon).
Otherwise, no one will need a mega-space rocket "Mask". But who even thinks about it?
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Oct 29, 2020
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Colonization should be tested on the Moon first. With the proper support network (orbiting hospital + return vehicles) nearby. Gravity issues will pervade every aspect of the mission. Quell those egos!