SPOL constant(!) 'c' equals/means 'singularity' ('0', '1' (the primal/fundamental binary base2 singularity (0, 1))

Universe of and at Speed of Light 'c':
"Singularity" is the primal/fundamental particle entity of all "mass" / and of all "gravities wells":

The SPOL constant 'c' = black hole "singularity" ([is] the space-time "singularity", and vice-versa 'c', of black holes) = '0' |'1' (a primal/fundamental binary base2 (beyond infinity) fbb2'0', '1').

"Singularity" = Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant) Horizon (T=0 (T=1)). (PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon (T=0 (T=1)).

"Singularity" = Infinite Multiverse-Universe (IMU) Horizon (T=0 (T=1)).

"Singularity" = "0-point (portal) and representing the mass infinities of them, the mass infinities of objectively real ("OR") 0-point-portals."

'c' = '0' (cosmological constant '0' (/\) | fbb2, '0' (primal / fundamental binary base2, '0')).

'c' = '1' (+1 | -1 | fbb2, '1' (primal / fundamental binary base2, '1')) 'unity'.

'c' = +300,000kps from 0 (+/-) (/\) (fbb2, '0'). Acceleration (deceleration), the grand, is to 'c'....

'c' = -300,000kps from 0 (+/-) (/\) (fbb2, '0'). Deceleration (acceleration), the grand. is to 'c'....

'c' = local "singularity" (fbb2 (0 | 1) / non-local "naked singularity" (fbb2 ('0' | '1'), the horizon of infinity ('beyond infinity' [])).

SPOL constant(!) 'c' equals 'singularity' ('0', '1' (the primal/fundamental binary base2 sided "naked single" of the coin ('0' | '1')).
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"You are not going to chase-much less catch-any frame of light time history from the rear because there is no rear to it!" That is, none that you could ever even possibly catch. Just try catching a massively massless 'singularity', the graviton 'well' side of an all otherwise 'single'-sided 2-dimensional only frame of light (frame of light speed constant 'c').
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"An all otherwise 'single'-sided 2-dimensional only frame of light...." It's facing, its frontage, can be met, can be observed, can even be overrun (a light time history series (-) as is, as a light time future series (+) in the reverse of it to be overrun), but never chased, never caught, from the rear, the backside, because there is no rear, no backside, to a frame, and frames, that can possibly be chased, much less caught. Just the graviton singularity . . . and to chase that to try to catch it is to chase infinity and eternity (and that can get rather massive).

"An all otherwise 'single'-sided 2-dimensiuonal frame" of ['universe']! (Subjectively relative universe: aka "observable universe" (no reverse side, no rear side, no backside, to its naked graviton singularity; all otherwise its nakedly 'single'-sided 2-dimensional frame of light time universe (light time history)). 'Flatland'!)
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I'm on the way, I think, to associating, to realizing, ever more closely the graviton singularity, or simply gravity's singularity, with both sides of the single-sided 2-dimensional frames of light and light time universes (light time histories), however contradictory that might seem.

To be continued....


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