Star Trek: Discovery is coming to an end: Here are 5 things season 5 needs to fix

May 20, 2022
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“Star Trek: Discovery lost its way when it relocated to the 32nd century.” Really? You think that’s the problem with discovery? I think most would agree that the main problem is the focus on Burnham and her never ending emotional roller coaster! They should bring back Georgiou, boot Burnham, and get a few more seasons. Oh and get rid of Book too. His character made no sense. Keep the cat though.
Jun 14, 2023
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I cant believe what I'm hearing. Discovery was a fresh break from the same old routine of jumping from episode to episode and not leading to anything. I loved the story arcs and I loved the sights and sound of the 32 century. Its refreshing and spine tingling. The cast is amazing the drama is pitch perfect. Of course there are few issues but what show doesn't have a few. I wish we could see another 3 or 4 seasons of this bold new take on the star trek monotony

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