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Oct 21, 2019
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We need a catch all "Other" sub-forum for each area. All kinds of space related stuff I'd like to post that are not on topic for any forum.
Aug 22, 2019
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I love the idea of an area to talk space ephemera, including debris, traffic management, and policy.

Better to create a Space General Discussion area, or lump the items together? Our hope is to avoid balkanizing the forums and creating really niche areas of discussion, but also not having one big, gargantuan catch-all for everything under the sun (if you'll excuse the pun).

Space General Discussion as a new supercategory for stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere, along with an insistence that topical items that fit somewhere else *must* go in their respective areas?
Word of the Day: balkanizing
balkanizing: verb -
1. divide - (a region or body) into smaller mutually hostile states or groups.
2. compartmentalize - full of niches, with different groups watching and playing their own things

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