Superfast drone fitted with new 'rotating detonation rocket engine' approaches the speed of sound

Apr 15, 2024
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Maybe I'm mistaken, but surely a "detonation wave continuously rotating" means this has no discrete detonations at all - i.e. it will sound like any other rocket engine. The detonation is - by design - perpetually spiralling inside the engine, so the exhaust and thrust (and noise) will be constant.
"The fuel, hydrogen peroxide, is injected into the annulus and the repeated detonations become self-sustaining after the initial ignition."

You might be right and I may have misunderstood the article. It reminded me of a switching power supply.

Intermittent switching of the potential source,(present and non-present), resulting in a continuous regulated output. Only with much more control and response, with a quick switch. And more efficiently.

Regardless, a super sonic drone will require very smart and expensive defenses.