The "Anti" State

Sometimes I am the one who wants to stand in place of Einstein when he said, "Please don't hold to anything I said before I knew better!"

I spent most of twelve hours patting myself on the back concerning the last things I wrote yesterday about "anti" states. Then this morning as I was thinking back upon them I suddenly realized I've been right, and just as wrong as right, about two or three things centering upon the "anti" state and the definition of "anti," at concerning Cosmology.

I've been as 1- and 2-diemsnional in certain thinking I've done as I accuse others of being:

First and foremost, the "anti" is not the second dimension of gravity or matter, or energy, but the third dimension of these entities. The inertial state, per Newton's first law, for one thing. The state of zero-g, true zero action and/or motion, zero mass and energy, zero-space and zero-time, and so on. The state . . . you ready for this meeting of the "conventional wisdom" part way . . . of Utopia (u-topos, the Greek meaning "no-place"), "Nowhere" or "Nowhereland," and/or "Everything-ness" and, all at once, "Nothingness." The state I've fought decades in denying the existence of . . . in fact does exist is as the third dimension, the actual dimensional state of "anti" . . . and NOT the second dimension of only two dimensions said to exist!

There are three, the positive (+) to zero, the negative (-) to zero, and zero. In my world picture and model, it should and would be, and all along have been, the 'Mirror' itself, and not anything, like energy, mass, matter, gravity, that is mirrored (+/-) (positive / negative).

It still is not the cosmological state of original Creationism, so many physicists, astronomers, and other claim exists but does exist as the third dimensional "anti" state in the trojan state of positive and negative states, the true absolute state of zero . . . Newton's first law 'inertial' state (the vacuum or void, or hole, or well, state: the "Nowhereland" state of "Nothingness" (as opposed to such as gravity's action states, positive and negative)) . . . and, too, is my 'Mirror' state (the "set" of all mirroring states).

It is the cancellation of infinities state, as I see it to be, cancelling to absolute zero (again the state of Nowhereland, and Everything-ness and/or Nothingness), with finite the local-relative leaving.

"Please don't hold me to anything I said before I knew better!" -- Albert Einstein.
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In the opener above, I'm still wrong, or rather I did not make myself clear at all. There is no absolute of zero -- though like anyone else I will make use of such an emphatic statement of 0-point (portal) upon occasion -- because there is nothing below, above, or outside, or inside, of primal / fundamental binary base2 0|1 and 'parity' (0 (null unity) and/or (+/-) 1 (unity)). Someone might say that in that description of it, it does reach absolute '0', but then I come right back with 0|0 and/or 1|1 and parity.
Okay I'm telling myself the anti-state in and of the universe isn't anywhere else than around. Where? What?

The "anti"-state of the universe hides literally in plain sight, as the "neutral"-state. It isn't the equal but opposite states of electron (-) and positron (+), and proton (+) and proton (-). "Anti," at least in physics and cosmology as I see them, does NOT mean equal but opposite, but means "neutral," the third state . . . the third dimension. The "anti"-state = "neutral" state in physics and cosmology.

An inertial frame, such as 'c' . . . or a single-sided 2-dimensional light time history frame (a time frame). Or two of them passing through each other, two faced; or more, many light time frames passing through each other all at once in radii crossroad and infinities of such crossroads, many sided, many faced, many histories omni-directionally framed (all at once).

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.
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