The Best Stargazing in the North East

The north east isn’t exactly known for clear skies and prime stargazing conditions. Humidity and cloud cover are a couple factors you’ll have to deal with, but there are also several places off the beaten path where you can find dark skies and a wide open view. Here are a few of the best locations in the north east for stargazing.

1. Acadia National Park
National Parks are nearly always the best places to go for stargazing. The absence of light pollution means the stars shine more brightly and you see more clearly. In addition, Acadia is located on the water, so you have the added benefit of the sea breeze blowing away any lingering clouds.

2. The Appalachian Trail
Hiking and stargazing? What could be better? The famous Appalachian Trail is undeniably an excellent destination for both outdoor adventurers and amateur astronomers. After you’ve been watching your step and keeping your eyes on the ground all day, try not to forget to lay back and look up when the sun goes down.

3. Cherry Springs State Park
Located in Pennsylvania, Cherry Springs is well known as one of the best stargazing locations on the east coast. The skies are dark, the campsites are well taken care of, and park officials have taken steps to ensure that the area remains stargazer-friendly.

4. Astronomical Society of Northern New England
It’s always a treat when amateur astronomers get together to create a haven for stargazing. The Astronomical Society of Northern New England houses an observatory on a 3.5 acre plot of land with relatively little light pollution.

5. Haystack Mountain State Park
A great place to visit even in the daytime, Haystack Mountain State Park’s main draw is the 50 foot observation tower set on top of a 1,700 foot high mountain. The views of the area are incredible during the day, but once night falls they’re breathtaking.
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