The Big Difference Between Real Time and Relative Time: Redone

Real time is quantum mechanical-like particle, not relative time arrow.

A problem with relativity's "space-time" is there are actually no spaces and times in "space-time", actually no divided marriages of the two regardless of some claims to the contrary. Einstein's three dimensions of space and one of time is a nakedly singular box (as in "you're totally boxed in"). When physicists expand or contract relativity's space-time they are expanding or contracting light-time alone, and in so doing, expanding and/or contracting the one box alone exactly like a balloon (a closed systemic unity with no divisions, no fissions, no inside (except histories), no outside, existing to it whatsoever, and wholly controlled by one indivisible dimension alone (as far as special relativity is concerned). The time dimension as an arrow....and that always undivided, incapable of division into horizons, the box (singular) incapable of dividing into boxes (plural), including incapable of division vertically into plains of Universe with the differing plains holding onto [difference], holding onto divisions.

Plain to plain to plain up, acceleratingly expansive universes, universe to universe to universe. Plain to plain to plain down, deceleratingly contractive universes, universe to universe to way to realize them, vertically in expansive / contractive stack rather than horizontally flat horizon to horizon to horizon. Or place to place to place, in the same universe...if you don't go too far as the traveler. There's more than way to skin dimensions. Even a balloon ballooning (singular) is in fact a balloon of balloons (plural) ballooning. And not balloons (plural) of strictly subjective, strictly gossamer tenuous, histories.

Cells divide. Energy divides. With energy buildup one will divide into two or more. In an infinite Universe of infinitely many universes (infinitely many unities and divisions), the doing locally is an already done deal non-locally. The infinite Universe of Space, of Vacuum, need go no further than its other self, its infinitesimal Universe of infinite mass-density for all matter-energy sourcing. Gravity (infinity of...) is its front man. Gravitons (finite of...) its front. Its other self, its Mirror (mirroring), its link with finite, Big Bang, and energy.

One of Einstein's biggest problems in physics was his "observer." His observer trapping, imprisoning, his traveler in a closed systemic environment with him (a closed systemic observation; a closed systemic view; a closed systemic iron curtain; a closed systemic particle accelerator). If he, Einstein, just hadn't locked his traveler (traveling), inescapably in exactly the same closed space, in exactly the same closed room (in exactly the same boxed dimensionality), with his observer (observing). Einstein's traveler is handcuffed and chained to Einstein's observer and observation. Or so Einstein and his observer thought.

The fact is Einstein's observer [in his scenario] is existing in real time, a time always in advance of, and advancing over, relative time, though Einstein had no realization of the fact. Neither does his observer know anything of real time, or that he has a ghost, a history that he is aging faster than because of the slowness of the speed of light, chained to him rather than a real time traveler. The real time traveler, unobserved and unobservable, is long gone in the unobserved and unobservable universe. Is the traveler traveling faster than speed of light? No, he is stretching out distance, gradually accelerating in expansion of distance between him and Einstein's observer and the speed of light can't keep up. So there should be two travelers in Einstein's scenario of observer and traveler, not one. As the real time traveler gains distance on the real time observer and the observer's relative time observation of him, the relative time image of him handcuffed and chained to the real time observer appears to slow down in time, to age slower and ever slower as light takes longer and ever longer to stretch across the growing distance between real time 'now' (0-point) traveler and real time 'now' (0-point) observer. Real time traveler and real time observer are lost to each other now in unobservability (the unobservable universe). Everything will reverse if and when the real time traveler turns around and closes the distance between him and the real time observer. The relative time traveler handcuffed and chained to the real time observer (the two in the same boxed dimension in Einstein's scenario herein updated) will all of a sudden stop his slowing down in time, stop his aging slower than the observer, and start speeding up in time, speeding up in aging, faster than the observer. The faster the real time traveler closes the distance between real time (a singularity of real time), the faster the relative time traveler locked in exactly the same room with the real time observer speeds up in relative time, speeding up in relative aging (light has less and ever less distance to stretch across). By the time the real time traveler walks in and merges with his relative time self, all other things being equal between real time traveler and real time observer, they will be the same ages as if the traveler never left the room.

Real time (the quantum mechanical-like particle, objective) will always be in advance of relative time (the arrow like subjective). More so in distances gained in expansions between objects, less so in distances closed in contractions between objects. The two will never really merge to one and the same. Relative time has past to future (+), the loop [from] BC||BB, mirrored, future to past (-), the loop [to] BC||BB); there are two of these loops in Mirror mirroring / Mirror facing. Real time (0-point time) has none of it (being particle-like). It is always centered directly between loops (BC||BB><|0|><|BB||BC); 0-point "centered" always being the leading edge dimension. In an infinite Universe (1) every real space / real time 0-point without fail is the dead center of the Universe (1). (1)? Binary '0' and/or '1' (you can't get a better container, a better containment, for infinity, in every incarnation of it).


(The "constant of change" has one [all overriding] exception to it, the constant.)
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