The cosmological constant and the expansion of space theory

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After lot's and lot's of deep thinking on the Subject of why the universe is in fact accelerating i came up with this idea. I'd appreciate your thought?

Baryonic matter in the universe is made from the big bang except in the case of life itself where it grows as in from baby to man from pup to dog etc all life lives and dies and contains energy. We can see this energy in the Aura of your finger we have all seen the photo's and we all know there's electrical charges in our body. Alsdo in all living things.

On death this energy has to radiate out somewhere in all life forms. We know the sun is an normal star and life on other planets and galaxies exists and life there on death would also radiate energy.

Could the energy from the total of life in the universal past released or radiated into space plus the total universe of living matter be pushing space faster. The period when life supporting stars began being produced with the heavier elements would tie in with the period when the universe started accelerating.



What you describe as life does not actually create energy, in order for us to grow we use energy from other sources.
In order to form matter you require energy hence using up some of the overall energy pool available. When that matter is converted back to energy the amount of overall energy of the pool never grows. So one would think that on an overall scale it would be balanced in a juggling act between matter and energy.


My own feeling is that life is a byproduct of the workings of this universe. Very important and interesting to us, but unnecessary to the workings of the universe. Life is the result of the universe's natural laws but has no effect on them.
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