The Hypernova

Aug 24, 2020
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There are three classes of nova in terms of size and energy output:

Nova, supernova, and hypernova.

According to most sources, a supernova can produce an energy output level in the first 15 seconds that equals the total amount of energy that will be produced by our sun during it's ten billion year lifespan.

What I would like to know is how much time after the initial blast of a hypernova will it take to produce the same amount of energy that is equal to the sun's ten billion year lifespan?

I have to assume that it is much shorter than 15 seconds, and is probably an astronomically small fraction of one second.

Bettlguise is going to be classified as a supernova.

So the question is, if Bettlguise was going to be classified as a hypernova, would our survival on Earth be in jeopardy?
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I've got Betelgeuse ablating a foot off Enceladus. These events have already damaged our system. We'll have Oort Cloud objects toxic, maybe 100m down okay. Pluto too. Many of our NEOs will be parched. In a supernova, the Heliopause will contract to between Uranus and Neptune. 1/2 the ozone layer will be damaged after a century and the atmosphere will be hit. Sounding rockets maybe enough to fix the Ozone. Animals will go blind. We'll need outer system armour in the inner system for ships until there is stability from Betelgeuse.
For me, losing easy access to Triton is enough to leave Earth. Unfortunately, 9000 yrs isn't enough time to colonize Orion constellation objects. It turns our system into the thousandth best one in the galaxy for a while.
Titan would be safe from a hypernova, not Earth.
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Think I've factored Betelgeuse. H2 and O2 gas at 200C will drip off Au (not as electrode only as surface area). If Earth loses a tenth of oxygen it can be replaced from space. I'm going 50 LY south for an easy metal asteroid w/ 50 crew and I'll make 10 there. Then 350 LY further for a 1/10 sapphire/Al ice moon (make town of 1000). A city-sized RF coil ship is about as big as can be b4 charged dust is attracted by ship gravity. Normally back to Earth except the supernova. So I'll go to Rigel instead. You can make lakes on rocky bodies w/ ice moons. It is still weapony, so after making a 1B civilization we'll travel 2000 LY out of the galactic plane for a safer Rigel.
Earth can signal: growing +5%/yr space economy, or bored (culturally regressing), or red (declining space economy maybe visible). 200 LY away the two-way newspapers will die. After 400LY any Greenland signals or phase change volumes neutrino smoke signals will be hard to see. I can send back fish that survive supernovae, food chain starters better than urchins, Orbity pets...Earth is two coin flips to turn Earth 2 from 1.2g to 1.07g b4 the event, and make Arcturus while is still heavy rains; giant pill turning organics to tar still leave over turned rocks as toxic. I can send people as you might be stuck at town-sized RF coil ships, from Rigel or sapphire Callisto, but without lakes to offer I'll usually choose Rigel next over a return. 1000 yrs it takes for algae to bring Earth O2 to normal.
This supernova threatened a time-loop. Our PM intended a technical education in the Fraser Valley in 1989. He won Worf status to their effects. PET ate chocolate and had a 1989 wish for Meech Lake to be passed. Now I maybe don't meet a Dauphin in Halifax. Our gvmt was to invent RF coils. Can't have both futures. Time Cop was about varying utopias not good vs evil. As Worf our PM intends not to go technical but still retains immunity. He goes for real power without rule based utilitarianism. Now he is ruining my Scout's ability to pick up survivors who want Rigel. IDK supernova wakes to know the new line's risk, but Australia didn't learn QED before 1998 enough to be a wanted hockey jersey minus Russia.
He gave up 8 Dauphins but still might have the least bad flaw among our political Parties. Imagine society being started by someone other than beings able to weave iron warning posters about Ag particle showers in Roman times: we might get trapped in time loops when my Scottish mutation is for all to fall in love with the same Dauphin. I'd've played for everyone's dad loyalty.


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