The importance of the constellations

Hello everyone, it is my first thread and I'm so excited! At first, I didn't want to do this, but now I have taken courage and I'm doing it!
I want to speak about the constellations, I saw in the sky a constellation that is called "triangle" as the galaxy and I want to know something else. We know that the ancient Greeks gave the name to the firsts constellations, and for this reason the constellation were named before of the galaxies. The galaxy of the triangle in fact was named "triangle" for the constellation, and maybe because the galaxy for us is beyond the constellation. And now, I ask to me, was the galaxy here when it was named, or is always there the galaxy here? I think that the galaxy is always here, beyond this constellation, the same for Andromeda. I have other examples about it, in fact our Black Hole Sagittarius A* is in the constellation of Sagittarius, Proxima Centauri is in the constellation of Centauri, and both are always here. I know that the objects of our galaxy are different respect to the galaxies, but I think that for all the objects of the universe, or at least the objects of our cluster, is the same. Thanks to read this, if I wrong something say me where, and if you have something that can help me, please share, thanks again.