This Week In Space with Miles O’Brien

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I wanted to let you guys know about the new video series is producing - This Week In Space with Miles O’Brien. The homepage for the series can be found here.

We've already got three videos up!

Space Wars: Establishment vs. Upstart: As the Obama White House prepares to weigh in on America's direction, SPACEX Founder Elon Musk responds point-by-point to a report critical of commercial space flight.

Mars Pix, Orbiters for Sale, ISS News: STS-130 astronauts pad abort rehearsal; ISS Tranquility module troubles; Soyuz tests new ISS docking port; ISS potty problems; Listening for Mars Phoenix; Spirit moves; Martian trees - not! ; You shoot NASA's Mars camera; Shuttle Orbiters for sale.

Moonwalker Colors the Gray Moon with Emotion: Painter Alan Bean is uniquely qualified to depict the emotional impact of walking upon the Moon: He was there in 1969 as Apollo 12's Lunar Module pilot. Bean stamps relief texture into his works with a moon boot and adds sprinkles of lunar soil.

It's interesting stuff, and we hope you'll tune in. Additional videos will be published weekly.

Not open for further replies.