Time and space and speed

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Jul 20, 2021
My question is about dimensions of time.... If time is a chain of events then how can we measure time on subatomic level....
What's happening at quantum level...
May 14, 2021
ESP? We haven’t actually proven scientifically it actually exists, let alone its speed. At c, a signal would only take about 60 milliseconds to travel halfway around the Earth. Hardly measurable without tools to detect the transmission and reception, so, it would be impossible to say it was faster than c.


The devil is in the detail
"how can we measure time on subatomic level....
What's happening at quantum level..."

Good question. What test will not interfere with what you are trying to measure?

Cat :)
Aug 14, 2020
Certain particles (as I understand), in being pinned as to position, can't seem to be pinned to one position. They seem to have a natural vibration disallowing ultimate pinning to one, a naturally internal intrinsic timing (at once a seeming entropy defying energy) to them that doesn't change, thus they can act as clock micro-micro-vibratory pendulums (mechanisms of a real time [[universal]] clock).
Jul 27, 2021
Some aspects suggest two dimensions of time.

It is also related to questioning the role time plays in relation to gravity and other forces. Creating the "theory of everything" drives physics to take insight on it.

Math equations bring us extra dimensions of space. In two time theory, they’re so infinitely small that we can’t perceive them.

On the subatomic level, we might be able to detect these additional dimensions. Another aspect, the electrical charges associated with certain particles may in fact exist, due to their interaction with these other dimensions of space.

Membrane theory with string theory, quarks are actually made up of vibrating strings of energy. Each vibrate at a certain pitch.

Each vibration corresponds to a certain particle, a proton, an electron, etc. They also account for the four natural forces of the universe: gravity, electromagnetism, and the stronger and weaker nuclear forces.

Heisenberg’s principle states that you can measure a particle for momentum or position, but not both simultaneously. Perhaps they’re in different times.

To figure out velocity, we divide distance by time. But if position and momentum are swapped interchangeably, each may be given their own unique dimension of time.
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Aug 14, 2020
When 'Relativity' (therefore relativity) breaks down, give some thought to what else breaks down. Some try to tell us there is no such thing as unobservable universes, plural. To begin with the Planck level horizon is primitive, primordial, endless beginning, and a universe in the deep all its own. It may be far, far in distance away from us, the same distance away from us as the Big Bang level horizon (they are probably one and the same (though one appearing decentralized to an infinite division and the other appearing centralized to an infinite unity)), but never the less it is part of our make up always.... "give some thought to what else breaks down."
Aug 14, 2020
Well, I'm not to far off (#29, among other posts), if at all:

First ‘Time Crystal’ Built Using Google’s Quantum Computer | Quanta Magazine

The only disagreement I see is that it implies this time crystal probably does not occur in nature. That would be wrong. Not only would the time crystals themselves exist as natural product under the right conditions in universe (u), but the resultant crystal action probably models action itself possibly manifested in other forms and entities, even scales.... whatever (not precisely the same but possibly similar action to the same end in resultant physic).
So, Spooky Action at a Distance. Any speed estimates on that?
If we have smallest chunk (potential energy) of fluctuation and nothing between does spooky action travel information?

IMO gravity instant communication and spooky action travel between smallest potential energy in nothing.
They go instant speed nowhere.
And the leave a wake on regular space at C.

That's some crazy food for thought about reality :)
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There's no such thing as solidity or pure substance IMO.

The whole universe once used to fit in a space smaller than an atom. The only way this is possible is if it is all composed of force fields. In the first moment of the big bang there were not even any particles, just pure fluctuating quantum force fields. Particles condensed a short while after the big bang got going, so even the basic particles are composed of force fields.

So if there's no solid substance to the whole universe there's no substance or solidness in you or I. You're an assembly of force fields.

When you hit your toe on a rock no matter comes into contact, the nuclei of the atoms in your toes do not come into contact with the nuclei in the rock, they are separated by electric forces, I don't even think the outer electron shells come into contact. All that's happening is a collision of electric force fields. Unfortunately the force fields in the rock are stronger than the force fields in your toe so you're toe distorts.

So once again

no such thing as time

No such thing as pure mass

No such thing as pure energy

Space isn't anything, only what's in it is.

All that exists is moving forcefields, IMO
And when you think about C as a max speed we are either stuck in wave distance of C as min chunk of space or min chunk of space is the points of that wave.

Time IMO as i believe you have the same opinion is the trip or activity of any trip and not a reality of space.
Relativity just a measure of it.

Both JustOO :)
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