Time and Universe

Jan 10, 2020
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There is something I cannot get my head around. People say the Universe started as a point of Space and Time around 13.8 billion years ago. They say that early stars formed about 500 million years later. What does not make sense to me is how we can place a time frame on this, time began with the big bang. This means it is meaningless to say "what was before the big bang" because the word "before" only has meaning in the presence of time (believed to be increasing entropy). But what about at the beginning. The speed of time relative to us (in space) is influenced by mass. If the mass of the Universe is concentrated in a small point how can we meaningfully talk about time at this point. Also did the increasing rate of entropy this early Universe obey the same rules. This is why I am confused when people talk about the age of the Universe. When talking about something on a Universe scale our concept of reality ceases to be.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.

This will tell you (or the BBC will) tell you why we don't know the answer to your question. There are all sorts of assumptions and theories and probably wrong guesses, but the answer is still we don't know

And if you remember that the world "as we know it" is less than 5% of the total (the remainder being dark energy and dark matter) is it really any surprise?

You need the video after:
Capturing the afterglow of the Big Bang

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What does not make sense to me is how we can place a time frame on this, time began with the big bang.

Some of us are happy to see that there are others who do not readily buy into all the stuff coming out of the BB, to say nothing of knowing what happened before the BB.

Don't lose any sleep over all this. egribble. There are likely many more things about the universe that we do not know than what we do!

It seem reasonable to assume there will always be some confusion surrounding it all......