Time appeared to move 5 times more slowly in 1st billion years after Big Bang, quasar 'clocks' reveal

ref - Detection of the cosmological time dilation of high-redshift quasars, https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-023-02029-2, 03-July-2023.

My note, using the age for the universe at about 1E+9 years old (1 Gyr) and Ned Wright cosmology calculator (https://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/toolbox/calculators.html), I get z about 6.0 for the redshift. This indicates time dilation support for the GR metric used to show expanding space. At redshift 6, comoving radial distance 27.487 Gly. Using H0 = 69 km/s/Mpc, space expands at 1.9396649E+00 or about 1.94 x c velocity. This must be true too when accepting the time dilation explanation for the distant quasars in the study. The origin of SMBH seen, remains difficult to account for in BB cosmology. The paper cited indicates the 190 quasars, z ranged about 0.2 to 4.0. So, age of universe (years after postulated BB event) at redshift range about 11.271 Gyr to 1.559 Gyr.
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Jan 10, 2020
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Time is considered to be the steady flow to increased entropy by many. At the start of the big bang this flow may have been almost infinitely fast which is why it makes no sense to say the Universe began 14.5 billion years ago.
Jul 9, 2023
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I agree. It's far more likely that the universe is infinitely old. All this dark energy talk. Why is this just not observing the time dilation again from the other side? There's a guy who told us about this, some scientist. What was his name again?
Time is not a physical item.
Time cannot go slow or faster than it is.

NASA years ago told me that during the early years space and time was different.

They tried to prove that the BBT was correct.

In order to do this they changed the narrative to fit the BBT logic.

The universe is infinite.
The parts within the universe change and recycle. Therefore, dating can be made on the phase or structure.
They proved nothing but the fact that relativity, and the constant of the speed of a holographic light-time going away and oncoming! can never keep up with reality. The map is NOT, is NEVER, the territory, no matter how much they try to claim they've proved that maps, especially maps of non-locality, of distance, are the territory -- on the spot itself "at a distance" -- mapped! They are vastly different entities . . . vastly different dimensionalities!

These people -- only too obviously -- can't tell the difference between relativity and reality! That there exists SPLIT! and SPLITTING! realities!
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Relativity is no more nor less than a distortion of reality on the spot at such a distance in space and time from us. A cartoonish caricature of the reality on the spot "at a distance." But one these priests of a religion of Relativity worship as the one and only (true) reality.

I'm reading more articles in more differences spouting and repeating the same garbage. People who are blind to the physics. Who can't see the difference in physics. Who can't see the difference in cosmologies. Yet who preach their religion as gospel (a thing that is absolutely true) . . . anti-Space Frontier Age, deepest Dark Utopian Age fantasyland fanaticisms no different at all than a thousand and more years ago.
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