UAE's ambitious asteroid mission will tour 7 space rocks

They're prospecting. For metals. Even common metals are valuable in large bulk purity. How they intend to bring them here, is anybody's guess. And if you do get it here, where are you going to put it? The Moon? If it's metal, what will happen to our M field, if we try to put it in orbit? Would earth's M field and E fields.....allow it to orbit?

Some get excited with asteroid mining, and the potential profit and adventure of it. Me too. Where do we put this stuff? How do we catch and hold it? So we can use it. Can our oceans catch them safely? How much is lost in re-entry? Do we cut them to certain mass and drop them from orbit?

I never heard or read that part. How temping could a valuable rock be? From what I've read, most are common metals. And rarity is no concern. What if one target turns out to be a high amount of a rare earth, or even better a combo of rare earths. As temping as could be, like in the movies. Would we go after it? Perhaps with that much value, we might refine and process on the Moon. Add a crater. And back to a shuttle fleet.


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