Virgin Galactic announces international crew for 1st flight on new Delta class space plane

I know this is pedantic… but why didn't you just copy the tweet's text instead of saying:

"This", along with emojis for a rocket and a star.

Those emojis are Unicode, so you can just copy and paste them like this: "This 🚀✨". The worst-case scenario is that they don't display properly, but would that even matter?

Another way you could've saved us some time is by saying he "shared the sentiment". You wouldn't have saved anywhere near as much time as I'm wasting right now, but you would've saved time.

Also, that's not a Unicode character for a star. There are several Unicode characters for a star, including the Asterisk, but that's not one of them. It's Sparkles. If anything, it would be a Unicode character for 3 stars.