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Recently I spent a week and a half in jail cell because of a discussion that turned into a slight altercation where the people that initiated the conversation were and never have been in any fans of space exploration. The only reason that the conversation relating to water being on the moon was brought up was as a means of the older generation saying that what was the truth as they see it was the only truth that was allowed to be thought about just so the old world, which they grew up in and remember as being real would be remembered. The discussion did not make any logical sense and was well rehearsed and scripted as the actors involved would not have been able to reply in the manner that they did and as fast as they did due to the fact that they are not active space enthusiast's and would not be able to reply in the manner that they did.

The result of the dispute ended up with me being put into jail for a little over a week and being kicked out of the family where I now have to live in a homeless shelter where I am not employed and only have a few weeks of money left to provide for myself the means to seek employment.

November 15th to November 24th of being incarcerated in defense of the future of space exploration was worth it as will be any future jail time, fines, unemployment and homelessness in response to defending what I believe in...and that is the future of humanity through space exploration, not sitting idly by hoping and waiting for some end of the world event to occur.

I have had time to think about was the jail time and fines worth it? You had better believe it was worth it!

Watch out for the new members here at Space.Com that continue to be against space exploration on a daily basis. I am quite certain that they are gathering names at Space.com in an attempt to force the member's of Space.com to give up their belief in space exploration and to live a simple minded person's life of only applying a general notion of what space is just so they can capitilize on their own unintelligence and meandering's of only specualtively knowing to make theirself seem intelligent and at the center of some aspect of being the center of creation on a universal scale.

I will be returning to court on December 3rd to here the final result of my defending what I believe in.

If anyone here is feeling pressure from someone else to stop engaging in the discussions that occur here at Space.com outside of the website I would contact your local authority as soon as possible to keep these actor's from ruining the future of space exploration just because they are scared of not being at the center of everyone's attention.


I don't think this belongs in the Unexplained. Since you have been a member for a while, I will place it in User Announcements; if you feel Free Space would be a better place, let me know and I will move it there. That's the other place I think it belongs, though you might find the crowd a bit rougher there.

I understand you are upset, but you are kind of babbling in this post. Perhaps you can follow up with a more clear description of what happened?



Seriously? You get thrown into jail for disagreeing with someone? :shock: Or did you beat the cr*p out of him/them? :evil:


Ant-space ?? :?

Are these alien ants? :p

Reminds me of a fellow known as Dr. Zooch. Some may remember him. He was a member here. He sells rocket kits for a living and draws cartoons of Klyde, an antronaut.


The entire history of science and discovery has always included opposite factions, each opposing the other. But in the end, logic, common sense, and science win out.

Of course you will always run across people with an opposite viewpoint. How you deal with it is one's personal decision. Myself, I welcome thiese kind of people. I have always been able to plant the seed of doubt in at least one dissenter's mind. To win an argument against a group of people decidely opposed to you is very long odds, you have a better chance of winning the lottery.

I do not fear them. If they are capable of reasoning and sane behavior, then there's always the chance of slowly winning their trust. Of course, if they are irrational and just looking for a fight if for no other reason they are insane, then just point them to politics and they will feel right at home.

question.. if you are homeless and in dire straights, why are you on the internet?


Vax":2j0rrnuo said:
Good luck in court today mate, give 'em hell! :)

I suspect that supplying some "hell" is what got the OP into court in the 1'st place.


So, shackled or unshackled? You know, about 350 years ago Galileo was in front of an inquisition for heracy. They (the Catholic Church) forced him to recant many of his findings, I assume in exchange for his life. He died less than 10 years later under some sort of house arrest. They were trying to get him for a long time, however.
Good luck with your situation. I know, it's a tough time of year to go without.



The discussion was relative to water being on the Moon where all of the responses were designed to cause an irritated response from me. No one was hit but yelling with the use of colorful metaphors resulted with grabbing of each. I guess this day an age using colorful metaphors is satanic and we should all sit around and watched Disney Specials and talk like five year olds.

**** that!

This does sound alot like what Galileo went through, being outcast from the family, being shunned at the homeless shelter just because people are scared to look up and ask real question that are not based on a generalized and hurried response without having to think about the response. Anyway the case is being dragged out where the people at the homeless shelter try to get me to agress them so that those that filed the charges can get a conviction so that one more space exploration enthusiast has been silenced and all that remains are those that dont ask questions but only listen to what a washout and wanna teacher wants people to hear to make the person feel better about their own...inadequacies or not being at the center of attention.

Your the Mod MeteorWayne if this is the best place to put this thread then so be it. Let's just hope it draws attention of the rest of the community so that these hidden cults from the time of Galileo that continue to try and stamp out space exploration and jsut sit around being retards are exposed and dealt with in the same manner that the forefathers of space exploration were treated.

Appeal for cards removed, the child has died, and the family has requested the cards stop:



So you lost your family, your home, and your job all in the name of debate on the importance of exploring the moon. Sounds like you messed up big time. Might be time to suck up your pride and go beg for forgiveness from your family. I'd also suggest a very very heavy dose of anger management.


It took me three reads of the OP to understand it, and I'm still puzzled. You hit somebody about space?? That's almost as bad as hitting somebody over Jesus. Or Buddha.

And you must have done some damage, given that I've been in a few dust-ups, none of which resulted in jail time (although one probably would have normally, it was ruled self-defense by the first responders and never followed up on.)

Perhaps there's more to this breakdown in communication than is immediately obvious.

That said...

I still have arguments with my father over general relativity and whether or not duration should or could be considered a dimension. Even had one on my birthday 4 days ago.
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