Watch a green comet make its first Earth approach in 50,000 years with this free webcast

I looked at the comet again this evening, started back on 24-Dec-2022.

Observed 1745-1930 EST. 10x50 binocular view of Mars and the waxing gibbous Moon in a conjunction tonight. Easy binocular view in same FOV. By midnight, Mars and the Moon will be closer than 19 arcminutes angular separation in Taurus – Starry Night Pro Plus 8 Sky Calendar View and Stellarium 1.2. Mars, Moon, and Aldebaran easy to see unaided eyes, nice triangle shape. While out I could see Jupiter and Venus too, Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius lower in the western sky. Using 10x50 binoculars, I could see C/2022 E3 (ZTF) as a large fuzzy in Camelopardalis. The 90-mm refractor telescope view at 25x (TeleVue 40-mm plossl), very nice and a brighter image, larger fuzzy shape, reports coma size a bit larger than 17 arcminutes, 17.3. The comet was easy to locate using 10x50 binoculars and with the telescope using Telrad. Stellarium 1.2 showed the comet 10-degrees and 49 arcminutes from Polaris, reports magnitude 5.2 for tonight. The comet was framed by Muscida (3.35 magnitude) in Ursa Major and Polaris (1.95 magnitude) in Ursa Minor. Clear skies earlier this evening, temperature 7C with light winds. More clouds, rain, and some snow tomorrow moving in. I took advantage tonight because of clear skies.
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