We could build space cities in asteroids like in sci-fi with this wild concept

Not seeing the shielding claimed from "space radiation" if the thing looks like the illustration. "Space radiation" comes from all directions, so the big open ends of that spinning tube are tremendous holes in the "shield".

And, if the asteroid material is so easily displaced that spinning it to 1 G of centrifugal force will make it fly out to the mech tube, then building structures "on top" of it (i.e., at a slghtly smaller radius from the center), and counting on it to support those structures against radial force would seem like building on an unconsolidated rubble pile here on Earth - not acceptably stable.

And, then there is the need for propellant to accelerate the spin. And of course the need for energy to run systems - so where are the solar collectors and how do you point them at the sun on a rapidly spinning tube - maybe just coat the whole exterior with solar cells?

Finally, how stable are carbon nanotubes against the space environment? If that mesh tube has a failure, this whole city would have a disaster.
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Dec 22, 2022
The idea of using space rubble is sound, but simply stuffing it in a "carbon fiber sock" is likely not going to produce a reliable structure. The rocks can be heated, pressed, and processed into interlocking bricks for which one can reliably measure their compressive and tensile strength. Will have a higher density as well, so can protect from radiation better. Then, fiber can be spun from basalt and other rock, if needed to tie things together.
Apr 18, 2020
What would be a generic term for this sort of thing? Let’s call it a ‘habifact,’ for ‘habitable artifact.’

So we’re out there building this thing, and along comes this humongous spaceship. It’s so big it hosts an entire civilization inside. Its denizens have no memory of living anywhere else—just a vague ideal of finding some place to settle down.

They’re excited to see that we are building our own habifact. But it’s not done yet, so—“Where’s your current habifact?” they ask. “Oh, we don’t have one yet, this is our first. We came from that planet just over there.”

They are gobsmacked. “You—you have a Planet? An actual planet, that’s nice enough to live on, and allowed you to evolve to this high state, without need of survival technology? Then why in the infinite universe would you want to live out here????”
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