What happend to all the Water on Mars?

Aug 9, 2021
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Where is all the water on Mars?

Mars used to have a lot of water 3.8 Billion years ago, There could even be life before.
But where did the water go now?

Mars is just a Big Planetary Desert which is very cold and Poisonous.

First of all, Mars didn't have a Strong Magnetic field and it is really small compared to Earth.
So the Sun's Radiation Swept of Mar's Atmosphere and most of the water Vanished but some water went underground and some became the Polar Ice Caps

But as the new Perseverance Rover is Here, we can know more about what happened to all the water on Mars
Jul 30, 2021
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Most of the water that used to cover the surface of Mars did not escape into space, as it was believed until now, but is in the minerals that make up the rocks of the planet.
Jul 27, 2021
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There are many water search trials for Mars.
  • The MARSIS radar instrument, orbiting the Red Planet on the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft. Designed specifically to look for bodies of liquid water hidden underground. And, between May 2012 and December 2015, MARSIS mapped out a particularly bright reflective patch on a region called Planum Australe.
The echoes appear to show a layer of liquid water, a touch over 20 kilometres wide, trapped 1.5 kilometres below the surface. It could be pure water, maybe a metre deep or so, or water-saturated sediments tens of metres thick, dissolved salts lower water's freezing point

  • Scientists analysing NASA data say they have found evidence of flowing water on the surface of Mars
There is a hypothesis that water is seeping down slopes on Mars during warm seasons and drying up when the seasons get colder.

  • Most of the water left on Mars today is either frozen in the planet's polar ice caps, or below the surface as permafrost.
  • Water can exist in icy vapor.
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