What is the most fundamental thing in all CREATION (so to speak) made of?

This question, being the question it is, probably needs a thread all its own as well for any and all answers, if any:

Woke up in the middle of the night wondering this:

What is the most fundamental, basic, primal, 'thing' in all CREATION (so to speak) made of?

As I lay there wondering the only answer I could come up with is everything ('*1*'), nothing ('0'), and something (('+1') ('-1'))!

I have no doubt that some question like it on the subject has been asked before. Forever before! Still....
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As I've read more than once, the total of matter and energy ((+1) (-1)) in the universe(s) equals zero ('0'). An infinite density ('*1*') is (equals) a great Abyss ('0') (a supreme hollow).

Planck / Big Bang / etc., collapsed cosmological constant (/\)'P/BB Horizon Mirror' (t=*1*), as I identify it and have described it, exists eternally . . . for all time (t=*1*) timelessly inclusive (t=0). Its clone in instantaneous spontaneous universally concurrent REALTIME (t=0) front (frontier), exits eternally . . . for all time (t=*1*) timelessly inclusive (t=0).

I've constantly denied it in the past (pardon the pun) but I grow to realize that some things may not exist until they are "observed" to exist. That "observation" is a real, though subjectively relative, physic.

One of those things is "coordinate 'point' SPACETIME" (past histories past light (t=+1) -->|<-- (t=-1) future histories future light cone). What is observed to be past history in the past light cone (t=+1) of coordinate 'point' SPACETIME to one observer somewhere is a future history [as yet to be observed] in the future light cone (t=-1) of coordinate 'point' SPACETIME to some other observer somewhere else. My big mistake is thinking everyone can see and think multi-dimensionally, including myself upon occasion (my dismissing "Some things may not exist (for some) until they are observed to exist").

Everything ('*1*') being nothing ('0') until something ((+1) (-1)). (I begin to wonder about possible probable matter (+1) and energy (-1)?! THE immovable object ('Horizon Mirror') all by itself as I've many times described it one way or another being THE irresistible force (of 'CREATION').
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Had this elsewhere (it's still there from another site) but magically it definitely belongs to this thread as well -- so I moved this pointer:

If you followed what else I've said about it in many posts, it still stands. And this, to me just a little offbeat from my own rendering, is still in collapsed cosmological constant (/\) 'superposition' P/BB Horizon Mirror (t=*1*) to infinity (the infinities of horizon universes (altogether: the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe)). The hot "smooth" extreme element, as I see it, to the cold "coarse grain chunky" extreme element in Chaos Theory's infinity of "self-similar fractal zooms universe structure," reducing to its set and reset of a binary base2 (plus parity trojan third element of Hawking's 'Life Zone' zone of "equilibrium"). Magic?! Not hardly, not exactly, and not necessarily, unless you consider the cosmologically constant greater dimensionality (gleaned from the base) of cross flows and draws around and between to be "magical"!
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Actually the primordial soup, the fundamental material makeup of the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe, isn't the kind of material makeup you might think it would or should, be. It is immaterial "natural laws" / "Physics." Those are the primordial soup, the most fundamental materials. "Magic" to some!

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