What Makes This Low-Mass White Dwarf So 'Impossible' to Behold?


Oct 22, 2019
A very interesting report indicating more research is needed concerning white dwarfs and binary relationships (always good to find out more in stellar evolution theory). Perhaps some white dwarf calculated ages on the H-R diagram - may indeed be older than the Hubble time for the Big Bang :) Cosmology calculators show a younger universe age using H0 for an open universe compared to the flat age(s) models (sometimes 2 billion or more years younger than the common, 13.8 billion years old figure).
Dec 10, 2019
I don't get it, why do they say it's age is older than the universe? - a 0.2 solar mass white dwarf has a progenitor star of about 2 solar masses which has a main sequence lifetime of about 1.5 billion years which is much lower than the age of the universe. But be that as it may in any case as far as how mass transfer can occur when the separation is as large as one a.u. - their separation could have originally been much closer and after mass transfer was accomplished the separation increased the same way the Earth-Moon distance is increasing...by angular momentum transfer due to tidal forces!
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