What technologies need to be developed?

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well i can think of some technologies that would help

radiation shielding
maybe through superconductors

closed life support system
they can use plants in space maybe genetically engineered plants for oxygen and food

artificial gravity
gravity simulation through rotation, and i also read this http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/GSP/SEM0L6OVGJE_0.html and other articles that talk about superconductors making very very small amount of gravity

power source
nuclear power would be the best in the long term, fusion would be the best of course but thats in the future not very near term, especially for outer solar system travel

using space for our benefits instead of shipping them from earth, like mining asteroids and the moon and things of that nature not really a technology but we need it bad lol


cheap access to space
we need cheap access to space and all things will fall into place with cheap access to space it will make things much much much much more easier, to actually do those other things i mentioned and everyone else mentioned and traveling and stuff we actually need to get to space which costs alot having cheap access to space would make things much much much more easier
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