When will Ariane 6 fly? Europe's new heavy-lift rocket battles delays as Ariane 5 era ends

Oct 21, 2019
Quote from the article "Reusability is a feature that Ariane 6 will lack, but Israël has said that's a result of using technologies available from a decade ago, and that a new generation of reusable European rockets will come a decade from now."

Hmm, Space X announced in 2005 that they were developing the Falcon 9, to be designed with re-usability of the 1st stage as a goal. It first flew (without re-using the 1st stage) in 2010, and successfully landed a 1st stage at the end of 2015, since then landing 1st stages over 150 times. So Space X had technology way more than a decade ago that had reusable potential....

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