Where Is The Universe That Is Nothing But Time?

It suddenly woke me up in the middle of my retired man's nap, "Dummy, you've identified to your satisfaction an infinite non-local, non-relative, Universe (U) that is nothing but mass-space without time, and, therefore to you, without energy as well. You've identified to your satisfaction a finite, local, relative, space-time universe (u), an infinity of them, supposedly having it all (all possibility) on full display among the infinity of them. But what the hell!?, you are missing from clear identification a full THIRD entity of what is actually a three-some rather than a two-some!"

But then where is the Universe (U) that is nothing but time? Einstein never alluded to it that I can find so far. He was perfectly satisfied to leave it as having been done away with physically in having made it his fourth dimension of space. Kurt Godel certainly never alluded to it because his result of all his thinking was a "world without time." So, accordingly there can be space without time, there can be space-time, but where in all of it is the entity of time without space?

And in passing, the 't' in 't=0' cannot be 1-dimensional no matter how some keep thinking it is and trying hard to make it be so. It must be at least 2-dimensional, a result in itself, and t=0 is in fact a 3-, to even 4- or greater, dimensionality. At base, singularity, and an infinity of such sub-Planck dimensionless point-infinitesimal universes -- all the way [down] to an infinity of finite local, relative, bubble universes (u). It really amazes me the 1-dimensional lock of so many into the potential horizontal infinity when the vertical potential must exist as well. Multiverse multi-dimensionality-wise, singularity = universe (u) (though probably a strange, strange (sic), universe (u)).

(** I think I have it, the time only Universe (U), but if I'm right I've got to wait with it as a hold card because it has been identified before as the [near] complete reverse of what I just now think it may be. It is something that has to be really thought over. And I don't think anyone will get it but me (or someone would have beaten me to it instead of taking the opposite direction). I hope someone will, it suddenly seems so obvious to me, but probably not (and I may be wrong anyway though I don't think so). Hint: "A most bizarre dance of time on the floor of space." **)
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No I won't wait. Something somewhere else decided for me. Particle / waves have been identified as almost entirely space. That may not be true at all. The true may be that that realm is virtually entirely -- if not entirely -- the realm of time (the Time-verse). Maybe! Just something else to contemplate and turn this way and that until satisfaction concerning it is complete. Others may be careless of loose ends but I don't like to be.

Space.... Space-Time.... Time.....
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Kurt Godel may have been even greater than he has been thought to be. His original thinking concerning time in the theories of Relativity may have been far more accurate and correct than even he suspected. He was quite ignorant of Quantum Mechanics, concentrating almost entirely on Relativity, when he turned his genius to physics at all. He may have simply misplaced [his] Universe of time itself, thus going off on the tangent of "a world without time" (there is one as I've described many times in my modeling, though the Godel one is looser and more off the cuff) to escape the bizarre picture of his Time-verse. A bizarre picture that fits and suits the almost utter "quantum weirdness" of Quantum Mechanics to a tee.
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"A world without time." A great way to put it, Godel's realization that Einstein had effectively tried to do away with any physicality to time by making it a fourth dimension of space, and I've described the infinite Universe (U) as being without time quite a bit in different threads and posts on the forum.

Realizing now that time must be physicality unto itself separate from space, separate from space-time as well, requires some tearing up and revision in my modeling. Space (without time).... Space-Time.... Time (without space)....

To those who have read my threads and posts, get ready, I'm pulling a shocker herein. I'm moving the Big Crunch Vortex from the realm of the Space-verse into my newly identified realm of the Time-verse. There is no space in an infinitely dense mass which was why I had made it binary (Big Crunch Vortex / Big Hole Vacuum). I made it either/or in a 'naked singularity'. The infinitely dense mass of Big Crunch can have no space to it at all, therefore, to me in my modeling, it has to be entirely Time-verse entity. Which radically changes my view of what "infinitely dense mass / massing" means. I can actually see time so densely packed in a vortex of winding looping, spiraling, and crisscrossing time(s) as to disappear into a infinite mass. A really titanically dense mass version of the ancient mythical 'Gordian Knot'.

And yet Multiverse multi-dimensionality-wise, very much remaining a Godel bizarre universe at play in the "quantum foam" and/or "quantum weirdness" of Quantum Mechanics". An infinity of time-verses.
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"An infinity of time-verses": "Infinities of infinities" (as Godel put something like this) of time-verse loops, spirals and crossings. The big Crunch Vortex of vortices. At once a clock with an infinity of pendulums powered by the clock all varyingly widening, out to a maximum in expansiveness of swing between pendulums, all varyingly narrowing to a minimum in contractiveness of swing between pendulums, but never touching in swing, the expansiveness / contractiveness being always local universe elastic. The clock cycling through the same rounding, one "turn" of the clock but an infinite-eternally repeated "turn", (12/0, 1, 2, 3.... 10, 11, 12/0). "History always repeats in large aspect, though never in small details" -- historian Will Durant. In this case, largest "aspect" of all. **A secret: The one clock can be mirrored to infinity, and it and the mirroring to infinity occupy no space whatsoever (is not Space-verse) (is Time-verse)!**

The clock cycling through its 'One Turn' ('Universe'), Some advanced beings a trillion, trillion, trillion, and more years before 'Now' noticing a collapsed horizon round about 14 billion light years from them (round about 14 billion years from them) and presupposing it to be the one time 'turn' and one time 'turn' only horizon of all Creation..... Some advanced beings a trillion, trillion, trillion, years and more from "Now" noticing a collapsed horizon round about 14 billion light years from them (round about 14 billion years from them) and presupposing it to be the one time 'turn' and one time 'turn' only horizon of all Creation. Relative to that same horizon, exactly the same horizon, being exactly the same distance from them always, in all three time-verses of "Now", except for differences in local universe environmental details, how do they know what is past and what is future? And what is "Now"? Or, if what is "Now" parallels to infinity in an infinity of finite, local, relative, time-verses? Time that can be entered upon, or exited from, anywhere along the line but only by entering upon, or exiting from, an other, paralleling, time-verse timeline.

The quantum weirdness of Quantum Mechanics, and/or the multi-dimensionality of Multiverse, and/or of course Relativity, makes a quite marvelous infinite Universe (U) (('1') ('-1')) (infinite Big Crunch Vortex (Time-verse ('1')) / infinitely flat-smooth Big Hole Vacuum.(Space-verse ('-1')) / Big Mirror Horizon Mirroring.... (as the horizon of Space-Time ('0')). It's almost too simple, which makes it almost too complex. Concentrate hard enough, hold all the "strings" together.

The dimensionality of the "Space-Time" horizon is always the constant of '0', and/or other constants such as 'c', the Planck (BB) horizon, and/or '?'..... Multiverse multi-dimensionality. This can be that at the same time. That can be something else, or even blurring to "nothing." / "everything".
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I may be repetitive here but I want to summarize states so far:

In my reading of him, Kurt Godel's first rendering of the Universe -- which a lot of others have followed him into (in vision) since -- was a Time-verse 'world without space': a Time-verse with awesome but also awesomely shocking possibilities. His description came too close to the bizarre quantum weirdness state of Quantum Mechanics. His second world he retreated into to escape the possibilities of the first, so to speak, was a Space-verse "world without time", which his close friend Albert Einstein had beaten him to, albeit in half-measure. If something exists, definitively exists -- which is to say it's foreground "finite" of course (even if across an infinity of finite universes (u)), it's in 'Time-verse' state ("a world without space"). If it doesn't definitively exist -- which is to say it's background "infinite" (some would say "vacuum" or even "void" state (possibly a "negative energy state" as well), it's in 'Space-verse' state ("a world without time"). If it both exists and doesn't, if it's neither entirely finite nor entirely infinite (if it's an elastically pliable state), it's 'Space-Time' horizon state.

I hope I haven't been too paradoxical. These three can get slippery. Time has been a slippery slope since ancient times (also 'now' paralleling universes).

**Note** No matter how much I liked "Spacescape" and "Timescape" instead of "Space-verse" and "Time-verse" neither goes with Universe (U), universe (u), or most especially Multiverse. I slowly became aware I was the only one who was going to be unconfused with those designations. So I ditched the new designations and went back to the old more widely understood "-verse". Oh, well.
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I've identified to my satisfaction two entities that are Time-verse enclosed, the Big Crunch Vortex and the quantum weirdness of Quantum Mechanics.

There is a common everyday designation of universe (u) that belongs completely to Time-verse. In other words that has no space to it whatsoever; that is totally void of space; entirely spaceless. That is the "observable universe" in light. It exists nowhere else but in light. It is entirely relative to the observer anywhere and everywhere an observer is. It encloses -- wraps -- all observers, period, in a light-illusionary entity of Time-verse cocoon.

To many astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists, it is a map, the map!, that [is] the territory that it maps no matter what. There is no other territory than it extant. To those many, what you observe (see, detect) is exactly what you get afar, spacelessly, no matter how far "afar" is. No matter how distorted by distance and interferences, it is in fact the reality at a distance, like spooky action at a distance. It has to be to fit the math (another map), therefore the physics (often what is "physics" today will be seen tomorrow to have been "metaphysics"). No change need apply. There was, is, no distorting loss, or distorting gain, of information from intervening physics, as if it crossed distance (some of it maybe even infinite distance and totally unrecognized (totally unrecognizable) as such) instantaneously (therefore straight-line as straight-line can get) unencumbered and purely correct. What we see, what we detect, as "observable universe" from afar will probably not be what get close up in our travels of the slightly to largely offsetting universes of the Multiverse.

Neither infinity nor the 'Space-verse' can be observed as such. And the physics and the illusions of the Time-verse can be almost infinitely complex. Thus the potentially awesome elasticity of Space-Time.