Question WHO thinks that the virus(corona- covid- wuhan)is an ancient asteriod local to our sun

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May 8, 2020
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My first proposal was wring it was looking at Saturn as the base due to combinations of material.
I now think the virus originated in a local asteroid which was purged of the sun during the purging process and it part o the local asteroids around us.
Logically a copper based rock, which over time had development (something) interacts with another rock that has more nickel.
In every transfer f material the (? )must adapt it does and the nickel becomes it base.
Human base is carbon . the corona-covid-Wuhan base is nickel. So in the exchange rate it breathes out copper. similar to humans we breathe out nitrogen.
That means chloride would strip it down, we (humans) can take up to 700 milligrams a day of the substance.
That common salt could be the reason people are dying as their salt level are low.
That salting meat could kill the virus.
that doctors need to make sure patients have plenty of salt in their system.
that older people have been dying and that it could be salt deficiency.
so i look forward to anyone who is interested in discussing this proposal .
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