Question Will SpaceX, Nasa or any space industry use the AI technology in Mars mission or Moon mission, and if yes then how?

The AI technology used in robots in arms dealing purpose which I saw on instagram was fascinating and this technology can be used in Mars and Moon mission too..... So will AI be used in these missions when they would be at apex to succeed at launcher in future..... Will they send the robots AI programed as a help in such projects.?


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Oct 10, 2019
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I think the only thing that has me thinking this would happen is the assumption that there have to be some mundane, repetitive tasks that can be streamlined by the use of AI. Question is...what would those tasks be?
Yes, AI will be used for the Space X eventual trip to Mars.
As currently planned, all 'Starship' craft will be computer controlled, just as all other orbital rockets have been for over fifty years. That's AI.