World's biggest radio telescope could tease out secrets of dark matter, universe's 1st galaxies

Dark Matter is a figment of researchers' imaginations. There are far simpler, and probably correct, explanations for the Universe's apparent lack of matter, i.e.: a variable gravity 'constant' comes to mind.
Decaying gravity would answer much, especially if it decreased very fast long ago. And continues to decrease at a very slow rate. Forever. I would highly suspect this dynamic to be so.

And this does not explain rotation within a galaxy. But the trajectory and structure of the orbits can, I believe. The circumference of those orbits are assumed to be arcs, and the velocity, the length, the period and the momentum is calculated from such. But I believe the orbital circumference is not an arc, but is a helix. And therefore the amplitudes and directions of the calculations are very mis-leading. The velocity and momentum are constantly changing, and only a portion is giving you the right observed direction. An orbital helical trajectory has not been discerned. But can be observed with Io. And now finding a debris torus for all planets confirms this to me.

I do believe that our observations and measurements are and have been very mis-leading. We need to measure Z motion, along with X and Y motion. And that Z motion will be angular, not linear. An orbit has two perpendicular angular accelerations, not one.

A portion of the velocity and momentum is not in the direction of the arc, it's perpendicular to the arc. Giving more velocity and momentum than seened and measured.
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