Yellowstone volcano super-eruptions appear to have multiple explosive events

That's interesting and different from past narratives. And modifies the danger. Have they checked the other calderas around the world? Maybe volcanic eruptions can modify the climate temporarily, but not to where we have mass die offs of species. Not as devastating in one event as imagined.

What's that leave for mass extinctions? Asteroids? Do we have the knowledge and tech to avoid an asteroid?

Or an environmental tipping point? Do we have the knowledge and tech to avoid a tipping point?
In a series of CGI shows called 'Walking with Dinosaurs' there is a segment where there is a mass extinction due to low-level super volcanic eruptions, nothing like what is talked up. A super volcanic eruption doesn't have to be a naked singularity of explosion rivaling an asteroid strike. In the Pacific region of the Earth, we could be in the beginning, or more probably, in the middle a longer lasting low level of super volcanic eruption right now. A titanic eruption, or eruptions, just more horizontally widespread instead of more vertically orientated in less area, underneath the crust of the Earth that is shifting the magnetic poles of the Earth) we are hardly noticing except for the climate changes it may be causing on the levels of the Earth where we live.

Each Ice Age of the last couple of million has been a crash, a falling over a cliff, so to speak, into one rather than anything like a long decline -- longer than a couple of hundred years -- to one. Ten to thirty thousand years of consistent warming, heating up! then bam! Ice Age. A relatively long-lasting buildup of a widespread low level super volcanic eruption, and/or one simply lifting in material and material heat over a large plain of substrata, could do that. It could be very periodic, especially if it is connected to some periodic activity of our star . . . that activity tied to some periodic activity even greater in our region of the galaxy we periodically travel through.

Of course, to some people tyrannically orientated in bent of mind -- and to too many gullible people -- the Earth has no untoward activity except as it is tied to activity of Mankind. That is a periodic belief, widely mindlessly savage and horrifying in its results, recorded throughout the recorded history of Mankind.
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Atlan0101, take a look at this paper:

You will see in the graphs that the onsets and progressions of ice ages are not all the same, but it looks like they can now be better predicted as to duration and built-up/decline timing.
Great on what. More than I've ever seen before. But still no grip on why. Possibility maybe. I give three possibles, including a combination. The article jump started my memory, plus remembering that I had thought of the possibility of the super-volcanic eruptions not being just an asteroid strike-like naked singularity of titanic explosion but longer lasting, wider a field, and more layered in rising and receding. Forces from underneath the surface crust and/or from outside the Earth.

Thanks much for pointing me to the study. I'm always interested in the histories and the natures, the patterns and shapes of complexities. I hope it gets a wider reading.

Again, thanks.
If I recall, the first mass extinction was well after first life occurred. For it to be volcanic, the earth would have needed to expel a lot of magma for a long period of time. So some kind of great geologic upset of something. Where did all that heat come from, and why did it take so long to come up. After millions of years of stability? For life to start and evolve? Fast plate movement?

All of our theories are just inference. We can't even measure light, our greatest inference. Half of inference is assumption......anyhow.

And it seems to me that inference can easily become a fact. Way too easy.
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