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    Roche limit and asteroid belt

    I read about the recent discovery of a ring system around Quaoar outside the Roche limit. But isn't the asteroid belt outside the Roche limit for the sun? Can the asteroid belt be considered a ring for the sun?
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    Mass Extinction Event?

    To be told the asteroid impact, in the Gulf of Mexico, was a "Mass-Extinction" event, is not exactly "New" news! Undoubtedly the impact caused a "Nuclear-Winter" lasting between 2 and 3+ decades - which many animal species did not survive. But they were mainly the medium to large size dinosaurs...
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    Can you catch asteroids lol?

    So listen I am no science guy, but I am making a CGI scene in space. The plan is some sorta ship a big one is gonna catch SPACE ROCKS and bring them to a processing station. (probably very inefficient but it's cool) So my issue is if the ship is just gonna scoop up the asteroid wouldn't the...
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    Asteroid the size of 99942 Apophis would cause immense damage if impacted in metropolitan area.

    We all know that there is a very slim chance that the asteroid 99942 Apophis will impact earth in 2029 and a higher chance of impact in 2039. Many say that we should knock Apophis off of its track in 2029 and make sure there is no chance of it hitting in 2039. What do you guys think of this? I...