Can you catch asteroids lol?

Jun 5, 2020
So listen I am no science guy, but I am making a CGI scene in space. The plan is some sorta ship a big one is gonna catch SPACE ROCKS and bring them to a processing station. (probably very inefficient but it's cool) So my issue is if the ship is just gonna scoop up the asteroid wouldn't the asteroid have a lotta momentum and turn the ship into pieces. Because of ussually small asteroids aren't really stationary. Right? Like I said I absolutely know nothing about space. My second thought was if the asteroid was in plain wast space with a lotta momentum it would be really hard to accelerate to catch it so how about just catching it in orbit in some sorta asteroid belt but still there would be the problem catching the asteroid. Because the momentum is still there the ship is just at the same speed, so when slowing down the ship it wouldn't slow down the asteroid inside of it, So in summary what would be the easiest way to catch a small asteroid with future technology ships ? BTW sr for my English.
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Apr 1, 2020
Capture is easy. It's the same way our modules catch up to and dock with the ISS. You match the orbit and move just slightly faster (if you're behind the object) or slightly slower (if you're in front of the object) and capture it as you or it catches up. Once capture has occurred, you are considered a single object and a single force (capsule engines) can act on it to slow and redirect to predefined location.

-Wolf sends
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