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  1. V

    Question Where moment of inertia came from? Interaction with primordial matter that may be dark matter?

    How big bang and inflation from singularity result in introduction of spin to as-formed matter? This question was posted in...
  2. T

    The expansion of the Universe and analysis of our Universe

    Greetings, First of all, I am not a scientist. Nor do I work in the scientific field...If this is something that bothers you, you can leave right now if you wish to have insights only from experts. However all I can say is that I think, analyze and read a lot about science, space, nuclear...
  3. simpleorcomplex

    What is the composition of Universe in terms of types of stars?

    There are - Main Sequence Stars - Red Giants - White Dwarfs - Red Dwarfs - Neutron Stars and other types of Stars. How many % of stars are Main Sequence? How many are Red Giants? and so on. I searched around and found some info, but it's confusing me. For example, I found that 90% stars are...
  4. rameshwarjamwal

    The fifth and sixth forces of Universe, as viewed from a different angle

    The Ultimate Theory of the Cosmos? By Rameshwar Singh Jamwal Cosmology and High Energy Physics are not my forte but my write up and YouTube presentations on Corona Virus, had concluded that Indian Philosophy offers the best possible way to fight it on long term basis. Darwin’s Theory of...