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  1. cheenu

    Is perhaps declaring bio war on the solar system a good way of unearthing intelligent life ?

    So recently NASA discovered a remnant of a potentially crashed alien ship on Mars. Oumuamua was clearing acting like of intelligent origin. Saturn's moons possibly have rich life forming oceans underneath all the ice. Now with all the talk of UFOs, just to rule out that our "phenomenon" is not...
  2. MightySpaceman

    Barotrauma and Life under Europa

    Barotrauma is a 2019 video game released by the studio known as Undertow Games. In case you do now know about the backstory, here is an excerpt from the game: In the year 2022, the first manned space flight arrived on Europa to discover that the moon was indeed already sustaining life, in the...
  3. V

    are we alone in this totality?

    Sometimes I wonder we are alone in this cosmos? is there a place where universe ended or what is after that place because if we see as human imagination a place can't ended fully. for eg. if we ponder earth is a universe so there must be beyond it if not then nothingness is what not discovered...
  4. S


    Do you think life is there?