Jun 1, 2022
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Barotrauma is a 2019 video game released by the studio known as Undertow Games.

In case you do now know about the backstory, here is an excerpt from the game:

In the year 2022, the first manned space flight arrived on Europa to discover that the moon was indeed already sustaining life, in the form of hostile sub-aquatic fauna. Besides the wildlife, the researchers faced grueling difficulties posed by the dangerous radiation emitted from Jupiter and the intense cold and tremendous pressure of the Europan ocean.
Despite all their hardships, Earth-born colonists were able to construct a handful of habitable outposts where a new way of life developed over many decades. A new system of governance was formed by a coalition of the largest, most influential cities on the moon. Different industries made their mark in the new world, including mining, manufacturing, and chemical laboratories.
Over the years, Europan society became more and more dissociated from Earth. Fifty years ago, contact was lost entirely, and no more supply ships have arrived since.

Sub-aquatic travel and vehicles are in a key role in this new society, scouting for new inhabitable locations, protecting citizens from creature attacks, and establishing supply lines between stations as humanity ventures ever deeper to evade the lethal radiation from Jupiter above. The life of a crewmate aboard one of these submarines is a lucrative one, albeit dangerous and often short.

I absolutely love its backstory. it really makes me think - what is actually under the surface of Europa? I would love for what is in-game to be actually true.
There is much evidence supporting Europa having an ocean, and it most likely is correct. And geothermal activity caused by tidal heating means that there might actually be some form of life down there - Europa is the most likely place in the solar system to support life, possibly even more likely than earth was when the first bacteria supposedly came into being billions of years ago.
What do you all think about the realism of barotrauma, and the likelihood Europa does have a thriving ocean?
Redox reactions make energy for life. Maybe only near a meteorite will you find iron. The filters for Gaii projects are beyond me. A city-sized ecosystem would be a fire hazard and shrapnel hazard.
The clay and oils are there for cell membranes. Seeding sludge with a radioisotope powered Redox provider might work. An underwater neutrino experiment that close to Jupiter might be really good.
I mention water Cherenkov detectors because the technology is similiar to making water habitats. On sheer volume, an ice moon somewhere nearer to our Sun, permits a bigger detector than on Earth. An aquarium needs to be filtered and many substances added to ice moon water/slush. Whereas a detector only need be filtered to pure water (a sieve technique should work). Then add photo-tubes and whatever water vitamins you need. You might capture neutrinos from the Jovian system apart from imaging Io's (radioactive) volcanoes.
We would want a Pre-Cambrian explosion. Insects with Praying Mantis psychologies. Winged insects like peacocks. Hybrid vent sunlight chimeras seem safe. That is not easy even with ice-entombed aquariums given stable ice pressure.