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  1. M

    A radio photon can be miles long. Isn't that a bit of a stretch for a 'quantum particle' ?

    A radio photon can be miles long. Isn't that a bit of a stretch for a 'quantum particle' ? How is a mile long radio photon a quantum particle, given that quantum physics describe how the universe works at incredibly small scales ? I mean this radio particle is way way bigger than an anaconda...
  2. H

    speed of light vs infinite density

    Could anyone assist a novice? With the speed of light standing at 186,000 miles per second and the Parker Solar Probe currently the fastest human-made object at approximately 400,000 miles per hour, humanity has barely touched the speed of light practically. How can we be confident in the...
  3. J

    Is the theory of a matter, antimatter Universe valid?

    How true is the matter antimatter version of the Universe? The theory arose mainly out of theoretical considerations. According to this theory matter and antimatter particles are always produced as a pair and, if they come in contact, annihilate one another, leaving behind pure energy. The...
  4. jalara82

    Preferred Reference Frames

    Just a beginner here, but I’ve been struggling with something with special relativity. Here’s my question. A travels away from B, who’s on Earth, at 90% SOL (or any arbitrarily high speed to make time dilation have a noticeable effect). B’s clock moves slower than A’s. But, if there are no...
  5. mati

    Space-time Is Swirling Around Big Stars,Like Einstein`s Relativity Theory Predicted Space-Time is relative-not fixed absolute,like Einstein`s General Relativity Theory predicted over 100 years ago !