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  1. N

    SpaceX Crew-7 astronaut launch mapping?

    Anywhere close to Blue Ridge Mountains west of Lynchburg? Anyone have a map and expected times?
  2. StarmanG10

    How accurate is Elon's timeframe of the next Starship launch in 6-8 weeks?

    Elon says that Starship will launch in 6-8 weeks, but alot of people think overwise. Express your opinions, people!
  3. StarmanG10

    SpaceX Starship Launch Discussionn

    What it says. Try to keep on topic, thanks!
  4. I

    Lego SpaceX Falcon 9 Complete Set

    Hey all, Not sure if its allowed here, let me know if not, or just delete it, I guess its a little different to what is usually posted here. Me and my 4 and 5 year old boys share a love for Lego and space, we have taken a particular liking to watching all the SpaceX falcon 9 and Starship...
  5. Thomas Likes Space

    Question Does anyone think we SpaceX (Elon Musk) can land the first people on mars by 2024?

    The SpaceX Team wants the first humans to land by 2024. That's only 3 years of tech further! We could do it if we start right now maybe. I am not that tech legend that knows when you do things and not. SpaceX Website is where you find info. As i said in the title, SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk...
  6. L

    Beautiful rocket launches compilation

    Hello everyone ! Don’t hesitate to check out this video which is an inspiring compilation video about rockets and space ! What do you think of it ? View:
  7. ProvidenceFX

    SN9 rocket short cinematic animation #wip1

    I posted this in another thread, but I think this place is more appropriate. A quick animation project I've working on. Spaceship's animation with a cinematic effect. View: