SpaceX Starship Launch Discussionn

Jun 29, 2023
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Such a better topic than the wasted earthly banter. Make the Space Explorations great again.
No I will not claim to be an educated space geek, but I know one and I seek broader horizons.
Mar 20, 2023
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If I was Musk, I'd decentralize. It's obvious that Musk and his companies are being targeted by the partisan cancel culture. So, I'd build a Starbase in Europe. Southern Italy, Southern France, or Spain. Those countries have plenty of employable talent, and advanced manufacturing to support the supply line. Starship is not owned by the U.S. government. Its private propriety technology is owned by Musk. And, many potential customers in Europe would embrace a local Starbase. The only adversary in Europe would be ESA since it would compete against their monopoly, but SpaceX has experience dealing with that sort of culture. Offshore Starship!!! SpaceX should go multi-national!!!
He's been to Naples b4. He's an atheist and didn't like it. Did metal surveys and learned hermetic glass. W/ diamond he engineered a moonbase when it was 2% asbestos. Studied Venus after that and Titan. W/ an 8x diamond Webb I saw a silica Titan around Neptune w/ ammonia atmosphere. He intended to terraform it but all the geothermal would've only lasted 100 yrs and cosmic rays already exploded breeder reactors @ the asteroid belt. He lingered a fake James Bond pretending to traffic a fake optical computer.
My hometown song Neopolitan references him not choosing long-term romance in the '90s. The planet was Neopolitan and rwb rainbowed clouds from the surface. They got him two ways. Italy convinced him space was for beauty first when he went to Il Vecchio e il Mare for 'za. Mt. Etna hurt him. I suggested 2/3 choose Uranus. After NASA's asteroid mishaps; they had Neelix's scrapyards for 1/3 of VASIMRs and returned...USA funded private space and EM dedicated a decade to his 100T payload 8 yr probe delivering in situ Ammonia to a world at 1.1 atm and swimmable clouds. Musk didn't know chemical filters for Uranus and my $10 diamond chips were too expensive for Saturn. So they put Nitrogen near -74C that looks like geothermal at dawn.
We had free Cis-Lunar electricity. The Lunar orbit hotel had a rollercoaster with ceramic spheres. His 8 yr bucket list saw the gas pipes mimicking oceans and clouds at 50 metres away of the best planets within 80 LYs. The corrosive waterworld from Interstellar had a little whale in it on his ride.
What might have caused the 1st test to not succeed is that many rockets together may induce vibrations once the rocket is far enough out the exhaust and gas band around the rocket become primarily the force of the rockets own newtons reflecting back to itself, causing perhaps some stacked resonance or just heavy vibes. Discarding or landing a few outer rockets 1/3 of the way up saves payload and maybe less a vibration effect.