How accurate is Elon's timeframe of the next Starship launch in 6-8 weeks?

Dec 15, 2022
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Elon says that Starship will launch in 6-8 months, but alot of people think overwise. Express your opinions, people!
Weeks, or months, make little difference in the endeavor to again test launch the largest spacecraft ever built. The launch pad may be ready. The fuel storage may be ready. The self-rapid-disassemble hardware and software may be ready. The FAA may be ready. Starship itself may be ready. The environmental folks may have run out of money to pay the lawyers to jam things up in court, nominally to protect all the things, aside from people, that might have been harmed by Starship 1's launch and RUD, but were not. My money is on the Starship and launchpad to be ready on time. Musk has some control over that. The FAA, WWF and the weather are another matter altogether.

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