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    Question Supernova

    When a star explodes as a Supernova, what will happened to it's planets ? (Lets suppose that, the star has it's own planetary system)
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    Unknown occurrence in the night sky (01.04.2020)

    Hi, I was stargazing with my misses and we saw something rather strange that I have never seen before; and I was wondering if somebody had the same experience and/or could shed some light on this occurrence. Info: Sightet at Geilo, Norway About 22:50 local time 1. April 2020 We saw what...
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    Speed Of Light

    The speed of light is constant, correct? My mind has a hard time believing that the light emitting from a star is the same speed as if/when that star goes supernova. That supernova “burst” does not increase the speed of light at all? I’m guessing because the photon has no mass then there is...