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  1. Ed Stauffer

    The topography of spacetime

    The topography of the universe over time and how it changes nothing but our perceptions. If dark matter changes states between a liquid and gaseous state then there would have been a time where almost all of the dark matter would have been in a liquid state due to the even temperature...
  2. L

    Could This Be True?

    I have a question to ask people that know or understand a lot about the universe and mathematics. So the question is this: "If the reference point of light doesn't experience time due to time dilation at higher speeds, does this mean that time stops? If time would stop would this mean that...
  3. J

    Question Does Time exist and if not what really is Time Dilation?

    A Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Consequences of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity Einstein's theory of Special Relativity predicts that for objects travelling at a significant fraction of the speed of light time dilates. Experimental observations are in...
  4. jalara82

    Preferred Reference Frames

    Just a beginner here, but I’ve been struggling with something with special relativity. Here’s my question. A travels away from B, who’s on Earth, at 90% SOL (or any arbitrarily high speed to make time dilation have a noticeable effect). B’s clock moves slower than A’s. But, if there are no...