Sep 11, 2020
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The topography of the universe over time and how it changes nothing but our perceptions.

If dark matter changes states between a liquid and gaseous state then there would have been a time where almost all of the dark matter would have been in a liquid state due to the even temperature distribution of the universe.

If the dark matter was in its liquid state then baryonic and dark matter would have been much more concentrated. This would have resulted in deeper gravity wells. The time in these gravity wells to us would seem to be moving slower to us.

Once stars were formed and black holes became active the ratio of liquid to gaseous dark matter would have decreased over time thus affecting the evolution of particle masses.

Light red shifts as it climbs out of a gravity well. Thus the further you go back in time the more light is redshifted. This would leave everything the same with the exception of our perception that the universe is expanding.

Phase transitioning dark matter could also answer several of the biggest questions in cosmology.